Our Tahini

Tahini is a paste made of hulled or whole, roasted sesame seeds and is a central ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. Its earliest presence is in ancient Egypt, about 6000 years ago. It has since been mentioned in classical Greece and even Chinese medicine books, where it is known as “Superfood”

Tahini is a rich source of Energy, plant protein and kind of fibre that is unique to Sesame. It is nourishing and healthy too: tahini reduces bad cholesterol thanks to natural phytosterols which abound in it and is also high in oleic acid which improves heart health and reduces risk of heart disease.

In a world full of genetically modified organisms and processed food, we at SILA make our Tahini by combining traditional manual techniques with advanced technology and most importantly, only natural ingredients! 

Our Tahini is made of 100% select Ethiopian “Humera” sesame seeds. It has no additives or preservatives, staying true to our ancient recipe as it passes down from generation to generation.

To our customers we GUARANTEE the highest standards of industry. To use nothing but the best raw materials and to uphold the strictest quality control, to give you the absolute best product we can make.