What we stand for


We are convinced that Good nutrition is the key to our being healthier – and thus happier – in our day-to-day lives. Leading a better lifestyle helps us build a better future.

Based on this, we’re using an ancient, tried and tested recipe. Together with cutting edge technology and advanced production methods, we’ve created what we believe is a cornerstone of healthy nutrition – Excellent quality tahini. No added flavour, no preservatives, no processed ingredients.

We believe that just like people, brands should contribute to society and represent values in order to make an impact.

Here at Sila, our commitment is, through our product, to support peace in our region, fair trade and sustainability. We believe in clean industry and aspire to treating our environment in the same way we treat our own gardens – With love and care.

At SILA we work very hard to produce the best Tahini possible:

  • Fair employment practices in the growing of our sesame plants.
  • Meticulous screening of the seeds.
  • Strict adherence to our recipe and an unwavering compliance with industry standards in production and packaging.

The qualities of well-made Tahini are becoming known to the world. We strive to make ours whilst standing firm on our beliefs and values.

We make the product we ourselves love and will give to our children one day. We hope that just like our children, it will make the world a better place.